Star bauble ring in turquoise and white colors


My Star Baubles collection was born for no other reason than to bring color and sparkle to your life.

The color blue radiates calmness and peace. People who love blue are balanced. As the color of the sky, blue is constantly present in our lives, therefore it triggers the production of calming chemical substances in our body. If you love the color blue, you will love this ring.
Based on its dimensions, I recommend it to ladies with any hand shape.
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The color of the ring: turquoise, blue and white
The material of the ring glass beads, crystal rivoli
The size of the ring: the size of the ring head is approx. 2 cm. I made a ring base made of beads. This ring base is good for fingers with a diameter of 5.5 cm.
You can check your size by measuring your finger around the place where you want to wear the ring with a measuring tape.

Are you afraid that your jewelry will break or wear out?
Quality beads, string (line or beading thread) and quality findings ensure durability.

Nevertheless, if you return the jewelry within 1 year of purchase, I will repair it for free!
You only have to pay attention to two things during use: do not allow water to touch the jewelry, and always take it off at night!
For more warranty conditions, please, see the guarantee page.