You don’t know what to give for Mother’s Day? I can help!

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For Mother's day buy jewelry from Tiszi

A little “behind the scenes” about me: I have 3 sons. I am pretty much aware of the difficulty they have in figuring out the gift for me. In the end, every year they simplify it and I get flowers with chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m already happy to see that they thought about it. But they always tell me that this is a difficult decision for them and that sometimes I have to help them.

Now I have hints for you too! A woman likes flowers and chocolates, but after a while we have too many flowers and the chocolates quickly run out and are forgotten. What else do we women love? The jewelry. Everything from the little things to the extras. The glittery one, or the understated one. The striking, or the just visible. Red, or black, or blue and green, or yellow and all colors. Because colors dress you up. And we women love beauty.

So if you don’t want the usual gift of flowers + chocolates for your mom again, come and I’ll show you what beauties you can buy instead. Believe me, it doesn’t cost more than flowers + chocolate!

Jewelry for Mother’s day

Hearts will be the main path of my Mother’s Day collection this year. After all, mothers gave/give their hearts to us, children, let’s give them back!

This year, as a new product, I will show you these cute beaded hearts.

Heart pendants

You can request them in any color combination. You can buy a similar one for yourself, so you can connect with your mother, even from a distance. After all, you have the same heart beat. You can use it as a bag decoration, a key holder, instead of a zipper puller. Or you can remove the clasp and put your necklace through the hoop, so you can wear it as a pendant! There are a thousand and one ways to use these, and have something left over even after mother’s day is over, to remember it by. And yes, men can use it too. Not all hearts have to be pink! I’m looking forward to your color combinations! Surprise me!

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