The Hungarian Cockade: Memorable Moments on March 15th

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Írta: Csiby Hajnalka


It’s not a secret that I was born Hungarian. We celebrated March 15th almost my whole life. For the first 18 years of my life secretly, because I lived in Romania. And then more openly after the Romanian revolution. I was 21 when I moved to Hungary, and it was completely natural there to wear a cockade on this day and commemorate the events of March 15, 1848. I don’t want to give a history lesson, so those who are curious can look up what happened that day on the internet. Now I just wanted to write about cockades and emotions.

Wearing the cockade traditionally reminds us of the events of the 1848-49 revolution and war of independence, in which Hungarians fought for independence and against oppression. During this period, the cockade became a symbol of national unity and solidarity, and has remained an important part of Hungarian identity ever since.

Over the years, many different cockades have come out of my hands. I crocheted, sewed, and beaded cockades. Now I’m just showing the beaded ones.

This is a brooch that I made in the colors of the Hungarian cockade, so it can be pinned to the jacket and used as a cockade.

I made this with a Hungarian forint, this type of money is no longer in circulation. And an English friend of ours got it as a gift, so I attached an English flag to it.

These are earrings made with the colors of the Hungarian flag.

None of them are available in the webshop, don’t look for them because I made them for myself or for family members. If you still want something similar, please contact me.

Now I’m going to make another cockade that I can wear tomorrow, on March 15th and remember this significant moment in Hungarian history.

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