Purple silk, resin cube pendant


Purple, with a small pink dot in one corner. It reminds me of the ripples of the silk. Although its tentacles can even show a cloud in the space. Are there purple clouds in space? In this pendant for sure. This tiny cube can stand out only with its colors.
This pendant was made with a technique so unique that it will never be possible to do the same thing again. Therefore, note that this is a unique and unrepeatable piece!

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The color of the pendant: purple
The material of the pendant: jewelry resin and resin colorant
The size of the pendant:
the cube has a side of 2 cm
You can request a stainless steel necklace chain (45 cm) or a steel wire necklace (46 cm) in the color of the pendant. Please indicate your request for it in the comments section. If no comments, I send it with the stainless steel necklace chain.

Resin jewelry care:
Do not store resin jewelry next to other jewelry due to scratching
Do not store resin jewelry in direct sunlight
Clean with a soft cloth

Nevertheless, if you return the jewelry within 1 year of purchase, I will repair it for free!
You only have to pay attention to two things during use: do not allow water to touch the jewelry, and always take it off at night!
For more warranty conditions, please, see the guarantee page.