Hoop earrings with chaton studs in pink and purple colors


This earring was created by combining two other earrings of mine. My beautifully sparkly stud earrings, wich are very sparkly because of the chaton on the middle, and my tiny beaded hoop earring, which is very cute. Together, they are truly special.
The steinless steal stud is glued to the chaton and encased with beads. It is very stable and safe to wear.
It’s really girly with its strong pink color, which is only slightly softened by the purple If you like strong colors and your wardrobe is bright, don’t miss these earrings.

Available on backorder

The color of the earrings: pink and purple
The size of the earrings: measured from the stud, is approx. 2.8 cm, the hoops are approx. 1.6 cm. the stud part is approx. 1.2 cm. The earrings base is a stainless steel with silicone nuts.

Are you afraid that your jewelry will break or wear out?
Quality beads, string (line or beading thread) and quality findings ensure durability.

Nevertheless, if you return the jewelry within 1 year of purchase, I will repair it for free!
You only have to pay attention to two things during use: do not allow water to touch the jewelry, and always take it off at night!
For more warranty conditions, please, see the guarantee page.