Gemstone bracelet with light and dark blue dyed turquoise beads


Flexible bracelet made with light and dark blue dyed turquoise beads.
Stringed elastic bracelet made of 8 mm dyed turquoise beads, decorated with crystal-colored rhinestone spacers, and star charms attached to an acrylic hanger.
The bracelet fits perfectly on a 17 cm wrist, but it looks perfect on a 16 cm wrist too.

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The components are strung on an extra strong elastic cord and fixed + glued with a double loop safety knot. The bracelet has undergone multiple tear tests, which means I can guarantee that the knot is indissoluble. Don't forget to roll your bracelet over your wrist instead of streching it.

Nevertheless, if you return the jewelry within 1 year of purchase, I will repair it for free!
You only have to pay attention to two things during use: do not allow water to touch the jewelry, and always take it off at night!
For more warranty conditions, please, see the warranty page.