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Craft Fair at De Ouver

When I used to live in Hungary, I used to go to craft fairs as I love the interactions they provide. Observing your preferences, what caught your eye first, and what you eventually chose to purchase was always a delightful experience. Engaging in conversations about the jewelry I crafted, brought me joy, and sharing the unique stories behind each piece added a special touch.

Craft Fairs in Hungary

When we decided to move, I felt that I had to let go of this experience. I believed that many things are necessary (at least from my perspective) for a truly good fair, including effective communication skills for engaging in enriching conversations. Due to the relocation, I knew I couldn’t bring along my jewelry displays and presentation tools, so I decided to give them away.

Jewelry displays Tiszi used in craft fairs

And so I haven’t gone to a craft fair ever since moving to the Netherlands. However to my great delight, that changed when I recently received an invitation to a private event where I could showcase my jewelry. I instantly recognized it as a valuable opportunity for me, a sort of trial. I had to meet a smaller audience and it was a closed event where people already knew those who invited me. Over the past year, I’ve learned enough Dutch to understand a little bit, and my English has improved sufficiently for them to understand me. So, despite feeling a bit nervous and uncertain, I attended and proudly introduced myself.

Privet event at De Ouver with Tiszi jewelry

The event was a success. My jewelry received many compliments, even with the challenge of dim lighting and an improvised table setup. Despite having only quickly assembled display stands and a few presentation tools, the overall experience was deeply satisfying, and I left with a sense of happiness. Meeting customers has always been a fulfilling experience for me. I extend my gratitude to everyone who attended, engaged in conversation, and especially to those who found something they loved and took a piece home.

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