Geometric, beaded earrings in turquoise color


Not an ordinary earring. However, it is just the right size so that it is not extra noticeable. It can be your favorite due to its sophisticated design and the sea colors.
It can be a perfect match for the beaded cube pendants strung with similar colors.

In stock

The color of the earrings: turquoise and off white
The material of the earrings: glass beads
The size of the earrings, measured from the top of the cube, is approx. 3.5 cm. Measured from the earring stud is 2.6 cm. The earring stud is stainless steal.

Are you afraid that your jewelry will break or wear out?
Quality beads (Japanese delica), string (line or beading thread) and stainless steel clasps ensure durability.

Nevertheless, if you return the jewelry within 1 year of purchase, I will repair it for free!
You only have to pay attention to two things during use: do not allow water to touch the jewelry, and always take it off at night!
For more warranty conditions, please, see the guarantee page.